Package ua.gradsoft.termware.util

Interface Summary
TermBinaryFunction Abstract interface for binary functions on terms.
TermCondition *Interface for callback of check function.

Class Summary
ConditionalRuleTransformer Transformer for if_rule (i.
EmptyIterator<X> Singleton for empty iterator
EmptyTransformerIterator Empty transformer iterator
FVSet set of free variables.
JavaLangReflectHelper Helper class for work with java language reflection interfaces.
LogHelper Helper for logging into system environments.
RuleTransformer x->y
SetTransformerIterator Deprecated.  
TermBinaryDispathHelper Helper for dispath.
TransformersSet Set of transformers, ordered by: concrete order of pattern, for rule-based transformers.
TransformersStar this is map, where key is pattern-name for transformers.
TransformersStarIterator Iterator of transformers, which walk throught all sets.