Package ua.gradsoft.termware.transformers.sys

Class Summary
DomainTransformer Transformer for implementing domain statement.
GetCurrentTimeInMillisTransformer Transformer for sys::getCurrentTimeMillis - return number of milliseconds since midnight GMT on January 1st, 1970
GetPropertyTransformer getProperty(x) - reduced to property with name x.getName() of current system for now, only one property - 'debug' is supported.
GetRulesetTransformer getRuleset(x) - return ruleset of system with name 'x'
JavaFactsTransformer javaFacts(name,className) add to current environment facts database with name name implemented by java class className
JavaStrategyTransformer Transformer for javaStrategy(name,className) add to current runtime environment strategy with name name implemented by className
LoadFileTransformer Trandformer for loadFile.
PrintTermTransformer Transformer for expresion: printTerm(t,[lang,[outtag]]) printTerm(t) - transform to t, with effect of printing term to output stream of current enviorment printTerm(t,lang) - as previous, but using printer for language lang
SetFactTransformer Transformer for setFacts setFacts( - reduced to true, with effect of setting into knowledge database of current system facts
SetPropertyTransformer Transformer for setProperty.
SystemTransformer Transformer for system definiton term.