Package ua.gradsoft.termware.transformers.general

Class Summary
ApplyTransformer Transformer for 'apply'.
ArityTransformer arity transformer arity(t(x1 ..
CloneTransformer Transformer, which clone current term.
DivideTransformer ariphmetics division.
EqTransformer Transformer for not equal
GreaterEqTransformer greater_eq(x,y) = x >= y
GreaterTransformer greater(x,y) = x > y
IfTransformer if(x,y,z) ( x ? y : z ) if (x is true - return x, otherwise y);
IntersectionTransformer intersection($x,$y) - intersection of sets $x and $y, i.
IsAtomTransformer isAtom(x) = true if term 'x' is atom;
IsBigDecimalTransformer isBigDecimal(x) = true if term 'x' is big decimal;
IsBigIntegerTransformer isBigInteger(x) = true if term 'x' is big integer;
IsBooleanTransformer isBoolean(x) = true if term 'x' is a boolean term;
IsByteTransformer isByte(x) = true if term 'x' is a byte;
IsCharTransformer isChar(x) = true if term 'x' is char;
IsDoubleTransformer isDouble(x) = true if term 'x' is a double value;
IsFloatTransformer isFloat(x) = true if term 'x' is a float value;
IsIntTransformer isInt(x) = true if term 'x' is int;
IsJavaObjectTransformer isJavaObject(x) = true if term 'x' is representation of java object;
IsListTransformer IsList transformer: isList(cons($x,$y)) -> true isList(NIL) -> true otherwise isList($x) -> false.
IsLongTransformer isLong(x) = true if term 'x' is a long;
IsNilTransformer isNil(x) = true if term 'x' is nil;
IsNumberTransformer isNumber(x) = true if term 'x' is a number;
IsShortTransformer isShort(x) = true if term 'x' is a short integer;
IsStringTransformer isString(x) = true if term 'x' is a string;
IsXTransformer isX(x) = true if term 'x' is propositional variable";
JSR223ProgramTransformer Transformer for sequential processing for list of subterms.
LessEqTransformer less_eq(x,y) = x <= y - x less or equal then y
LessTransformer less(x,y) = x < y
LetTransformer LetTransformer - add argument as rule to current system.
LogicalAndTransformer logical_and(x,y) = x && y
LogicalNotTransformer logical_not(x) = ! x
LogicalOrTransformer logical_or(x,y) = x || y
MinusTransformer minus transforer.
ModTransformer transfromer for mod(x,y) or x%y.
MultiplyTransformer ariphmetics multiplication.
NeqTransformer Transformer for not equal
PlusTransformer tramsformer for plus
ReduceTransformer Transformer which reduce own argument.
TermNameTransformer name(t(x1..xn)) = t
ToBigDecimalTransformer transformer for converting terms to big decimal terms.
ToBigIntegerTransformer transformer for converting terms to big integer terms.
ToBooleanTransformer transformer for converting numeric and string values to boolean
ToDoubleTransformer transformer for converting to double terms.
ToIntTransformer transformer for converting to int terms.
ToLongTransformer transformer for converting terms to big integer terms.
ToStringTransformer transformer for converting to string terms.
UnifyTransformer unify(x,y) - do unification of x with y, filling current substitution if necessory.
WhereTransformer Perform assigments