Package ua.gradsoft.termware

Top-level package for TermWare system.


Interface Summary
Attributed Interface for entities, which can holds attributes.
IEnv Interface which incapsulate environment of application input/output/log.
IFacts Interface for facts database, called from rules.
InputStreamSource Source for input stream.
IParser generic interface for custom parsers.
IParserFactory IParserFactory: way of creating pluggable interfaces to parsers.
IPrettyPrinter PrettyPrinter: output with
IPrettyPrinterFactory Factory for pretty printers.
IPrinter generic interface for custom term output.
IPrinterFactory IPrinterFactory: way of creating pluggable interfaces to custom term outers (printers).
ITermRewritingStrategy general interface for rewriting strategy
ITermTransformer interface for build-in operations or rules.
ITermWareException Marker interface for TermWare exception
TermWareSymbols Constants, which used in TermWare stadard expressions.

Class Summary
AbstractBuildinTransformer Abstract transformer for build-in operations.
AbstractComplexTerm Abstract complex term.
AbstractPrimitiveTerm this is abstract class for primitive term (i.
APIGen Generator of HTML Help API for TermWare systems.
ArgsPatternTerm This term is used for unification of subterms of compired term to list.
AtomTerm Term, which represent atom.
AttributedTerm Term with attributes.
BigDecimalTerm Term, which represend BigDecimal value.
BigIntegerTerm Term, which represend value with java.math.BigInteger semantics.
BooleanTerm Term for representation of boolean value.
ByteTerm Term, which represend byte value with java 'byte' semantics.
CharTerm Term which contains char.
ClassPatternTerm Term for class pattern.
CMDMain Command line TermWare interpeter.
ComplexTerm Generic complex term (i.
DefaultFacts this is Facts database, which accept next types of terms: sys Terms (i.
DefaultFacts.MethodTransformer Transformer, wrapped arround method.
Domain Domain - hierarchical placement of Term Systems and Facts
DoubleTerm Term, which represend floating point value with java 'double' semantics.
FloatTerm Term, which represend floating point value with java 'float' semantics.
IntTerm Term which represent integer value.
JTerm Term wich incapsulate opaque Java Object.
ListInArrayTerm List, which look's like cons(x,y) but point to array of terms.
ListTerm Optimized representation for List term.
LongTerm Term, which represend value with java 'long' semantics.
Name Holds names and indexes, which are synchronized with state of SymbolTable.
NILTerm Term, which represents NIL
NTerm NTerm - extended term, which can be indexed by string attributes, attributed and so on.
NullFacts NullFacts - dummy facts.
PrimaryTypes Enumerations and some utils for primary type system of terms.
ShortTerm Term, which represend short value with java 'short' semantics.
StringTerm Term which contains string.
Substitution Substitution of propositional variables.
SymbolTable Symbol table for TermWare.
SymbolTable.Entry entry for name in symbol table.
Term Basic class for Term - universal representation of term (elementary TermWare object).
TermFactory Factory for terms.
TermHelper Helper class for terms operations
TermHolder Holder for Term
TermLoader Abstract class for loading of terms from extern al storage.
TermSystem TermSystem is set < rules,facts,strategy,env > where rules - set of rewriting rules. strategy - strategy for applying of this rules.
TermWare Singleton for termware
TermWareInstance Instance for TermWare-wide general work.
TransformationContext Context of term transformation.
TypeConversion Conversion rules between terms and java objects.
TypeConversion.TermToChar user can set subclass of this class to receive default mapping from terms to chars.
TypeConversion.TermToObjectArray Callback class for specifying conversions of terms to array.
XTerm Term, which represent propositional variable.

Enum Summary
PartialOrderingResult Possible results of partial ordering
SymbolAdoptionPolicy SymbolAdoptionPolicy define constant wich determinate relations of symbols (i.

Exception Summary
TermWareException Base class for all TermWare exceptions.
TermWareRuntimeException Runtime holder for TermWare exceptions.

Package ua.gradsoft.termware Description

Top-level package for TermWare system. provide defintions for main entities.

See Also:
Term, TermSystem, TermWareInstance, TermFactory