Package ua.gradsoft.termware.exceptions

Exception Summary
AssertException Exception, thrown in 'incorrect' situation.
ConversionException Conversion is throwed, on type mismatch when we call TypeConversion method on term of inconvertable type.
EnvException Exception, throwed in situation, depends from environment.
ExternalException Wrapper for external exception
FVLimitReachedException Throwed, when limit of free variables enumeration is reached.
IncorrectTermException Throwed, when some term is internally incorrect.
InvalidDomainNameException InvalidDomainNameException is throwed, when we call try to resolve syntaxly invalid (or in some cases - unexistent) domain name
InvalidFactsNameException InvalidFactsNameException is throwed, when facts database with name name is not registered in TermWare instance.
InvalidOptionException Thrown, when we have invalid option in command line
InvalidStrategyNameException InvalidStrategyNameException is throwed, when we try to call strategy by name, which is not registered in TermWare instance.
InvalidSystemNameException InvalidSystemNameException is throwed, when we call resolveSystem mon unexistend name.
InvalidTermLoaderClassNameException Throws during initia;ization or setting own termloader, when
InvocationException InvocationException is throwed from JavaLangReflectHelper, when we can't wrap foreign class into one of our interfaces.
JavaClassNotFoundException Exception is thrown, when TermWare need some Java class, but it can't be found in current classloader.
JavaMethodNotFoundException Exception which throws when TermWare can't find class method with given name and arity.
MatchingFailure matching failure.
ResourceNotFoundException Throwed by TermLoader, when we can't find specified resource with appropriative name.
RuntimeAssertException runtime assert exception - runtime wrapper arround AssertException
TermIndexOutOfBoundsException throwed, when we try access unexistent index.
TermSAXParseException Exception which is throwed