Package ua.gradsoft.termware.debug

Implementation of debug subsystem.


Class Summary
BytecodeOutputFileObject FileObject for in-memory compilation
ConditionDebugStubJavaSourceObject Source Java Object for condition.
DebugStubClassLoader Class loader for compiled debug stubs.
DebugStubCompilationFileManager Implementation of debug file manager, which keep on-line created in-memory input and in-memory output.
DebugStubGenerator Generate debug stubs.
DebugStubJavaSourceObject Base class for debug stubs.
DebugStubRunHelper Helper class to run debug stub.
JavaCompiledFileAndLine Get file and line for java complied object.
JavaGeneratorHelper Helper class for generation of Java source code.
SDEInserter This helper class inserts SDE (JSR 45 Software Debug Extension attribute) into class bytes.
SetFactsDebugStub Debug stub, generated for setting facts.
SetFactsDebugStubJavaSourceObject Source object for applying action.
SMAPHelper Helper for work with JSR-45 SMAP files.
SourceCodeAccessHelper Provide helper entries for access to source code.
SourceCodeLocation Location of some entity in source code.
SubstitutionDebugStub Base for debug stub which generated for substitution.
SubstitutionDebugStubJavaSourceObject Debug stub for substitutions.
UnificationDebugStub Base for unification debug stub.
UnificationDebugStubJavaSourceObject Source object for java debug stubs.

Enum Summary
DebugStubTypeTraits Traits of debug stub.
TermLocationDirection Where generate mapping of code to term: from dirst or last line ?

Package ua.gradsoft.termware.debug Description

Implementation of debug subsystem.