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YaYacc -- an abbreviation for Yet Another Yacc. The programm was created as a syntactical analyzer, which is compatible with original on algorithm analysis and perceived language with yacc. It generate C++ code. Resulting code can be used in multithreaded applications.


YaYacc guarantees:
-  Transmission of yacc descriptions to template code on C++ language.
-  The work of the resulting code the same algorithm LALR(1) as yacc.
-  Object-oriented method of integration with a lexical analyzer.
-  The method of integration with resulting application is incapsulated into object Parser, which gives the result of analysis.
-  The possibility of using some syntactical analyzers for several different input languages in one programm.
-  The possibility of a parallel implementation of some syntactical analyzers the same input language without mutual interlock.
-  The possibility of request destruction for objects in stack of analyzer is foresees during restoration from mistakes.
-  The programm guarantees the possibility of embedding of generated programms in systems, with are functioning 24 hours. The module returns the correct messages about mistakes when configuration or requirements are incorrect; and remain capable to execution other requirements. This fact confirms the reliabity of programm.

Supported platforms:

  • The operational system: FreeBSD
  • The compiler for yayacc: ANSI C.
  • The operation system for a resulting code: any
  • The compiler for a resulting code: ANSI C++.

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