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Cable Net System (CNS)

PROJECTION AND ADMINISTRATION OF CABLE NETS SYSTEM (CNS) - The program is aimed for elements and cable system connections DB keeping, according to ANSI/TIA 606-a standard.

Main functions:

  • registration and authorization of workplace equipment;
  • dynamic sets of optional attributes of elements;
  • dynamic guide of object types and connections between them;
  • automatic checking of connections correctness;
  • system expanding possibility using built in script language;
  • making report forms by requests;

List of CNS object types, described according to ANSI/TIA-606a, includes:

  • building infrastructure elements (buildings, floors, placements , cable channels and so on);
  • passive net equipment (cables, plug-type connections, telecommunication box, cross-box and so on);
  • active net equipment (switches, commutators, router and so on);
  • computer infrastructure elements (workplace ( computers, printers, users and so on));
  • power net elements(panel-board, switchboard, power cables, electric receptacles and so on);

Local and net versions of the program are supported. Availability of program administration system greatly facilitates process of administration, localization and improvement of faultiness, of access control monitoring, of net modernization projection. You always have possibility to detect quickly: to which port and on which commutator one or another computer is connected, in what room computer with certain IP-address or with certain inventory number is, who its user is and how it is connected to another element. When modernizing the net you can project changes in advance and quickly and exactly define what extra equipment to buy, if there are enough receptacles in given placement and if equipment has enough ports. Upon inventories you know exactly where equipment is situated and how it is used.

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