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UAKGQuery: Administration Guide

DocumentID: GradSoft-AD-19/09/2000-1.2E



UAKGQuery is a CORBA service which proviades CORBA API for access to relational database. This release supports Oracle as relational database.

Using UAKGQuery is possible to organize effective and uniform data access from different sources in heterogene computing environment.


Software needed:

for Windows NT

for Unix

Software needed for transaction support

If you want to use transactional features of UAKGQuery, ORBacus Transaction service and OOC 1 ORBacus ORB is needed.

Note: transactional features are absent subject to UAKGQuery has been compiled for Windows NT.

Compilation and Installation

For Windows NT

  1. Unpack archive
  2. Change current directory to CosQuery.1
  3. Edit file env_inc.nt.mak and set next varibles in it:
  4. Change directory to CosQuery.1
  5. Start compilation:
  6. Start installation process:

For Unix

  1. Unpack archive UAKGQuery-1.1.0.tar.gz
  2. Change directory to CosQuery.1
  3. Start ./configure. Set configure options if needed.

  4. Start compilation:
  5. Start installation:

After installation next files will be installed into INSTALL_DIR directory (which is defined as variable INSTALL_DIR in NT Makefile or as configuration parameter prefix for UNIX)

    1. idl-modules:
      - to subdir <install-dir>/idl
    2. header files of CORBA stubs and skeletons, received during compilation of IDL files by IDL compiler ,
      - to include subdir
    3. header files
      - to include/CosQueryFacade subdir
    4. library UAKGQueryClient.lib (for Windows NT) or libUAKGQueryClient.a (for UNIX)
      - to lib subdir
    5. binary UAKGQueryService
      - to bin subdir.


Starting of server

You must set network port for requests listening in Server configuration parameters.

The way of doing this is ORB-depended, it can be done from server command line or from ORB configuration file: consult with your ORB manual for details.

Below is list of such options for common object request brokers:

Another precondition for succesfull service start is existance of installed Oracle8 client in working environment.


UAKGQuery use standart UNIX syslog interface for logging. So, consult with you operation system documentation for details, next example will work with most of supported UNIX systems:

In addition you can dup log output to file of to stderr by setting options of UAKGQueryService.

Command String options

Starting of UAKGQueryService Client

When you start ordinary UQAKGQuery client, which receive reference on UAKGQuery via resolving of initial references, you can use next command line parameters for client ORB:

-ORBInitRef UAKGQueryService=\



  1. 24.01.2002 -
    1. installing procedure description for Windows NT made to be adequate
    2. pointed, transaction service for Windows NT is absent
  2. 21.01.2002 - version dependency check for new release
  3. 05.07.2001 - reflected 1.0.2 software requirements, added section about logging.
  4. 06.05.2001 - review.
  5. 26.04.2001 - review, corrections of NT install procedure.
  6. 12.07.2000 - first english edition.


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