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CASL: Web Service: Administration Guide.



CASL Web Services framework have just one parameter in common configuration file: name of Web Service config file ;). Why - becouse view of configuration as set of pairs $(name,value)$ is quite limited in usage.

So, CASL Web Services Config file is 'plain' XML file, does not binded to some DTD - DTD-s are extensible and interpretation of Web Service XML Config is the work of application programmer: he receive SDOM node as configuration for servlet.

Format of Web Service configuration file.

It's XML file with main node WebService, which must consists from subnodes of type Service.

i. e.

<?xml version="1.0">
<!-- configuration file for our web service -->
  <Servlet Name="QQQ" Library="libexec/CASL/Web/" >
    .... (Some XML fragment, passed to servlet 'QQQ' as SDOM node) ...
  <Servlet Name="Xxx" Library="libexec/CASL/Web/">
    .... (Some XML fragment, passed to servlet 'Xxx' as SDOM node) ...

As you see, Servlet nodes must have 2 attributes: Name and Library. Name, as you know, is a name of servlet, library - location of shared library in which this servlet is implemented.

Configuration of related services

List of changes

  1. 29.08.2002 - first english translation.


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