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CASL: General description

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CASL ( Cbroker Application Server Library) is a deployment container for binary components and number of libraries, which helps to work out server applications compatible with latest standarts.

Typical architecture of such applications consist of one or several www servers on one side, built on mod_cbroker, one or several data sources on other side, common naming and transaction server, business and XML-based presentation layer between.

You organize set of your applications as set of CASL components, which use CASL services, such as: session management, multithreading, transaction management, etc.

As a result we get open distributed post-J2EE architecture of Web applications, based on C++ API.

Functional characteristics


  1. General complex description.
  2. System programmer guide.
  3. API reference.
  4. System administrator guide.
  5. Version changes list.

Supported platforms

  1. OS: UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD)
  2. ORB : TAO, OmniORB, ORBacus 4.x


- review.
- created.

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