enum FieldType

possible DB field types

[more] TypeBoolean
[more] TypeChar
[more] TypeOctet
[more] TypeShort
[more] TypeUShort
[more] TypeLong
[more] TypeULong
[more] TypeFloat
[more] TypeDouble
[more] TypeString
[more] TypeObject
[more] TypeSmallInt
[more] TypeInteger
[more] TypeReal
[more] TypeDoublePrecision
[more] TypeCharacter
[more] TypeDecimal
[more] TypeNumeric
[more] TypeDateTime
[more] TypeRaw
[more] TypeWString
[more] TypeBlob
[more] TypeClob
[more] TypeWclob


possible DB field types
o TypeBoolean

o TypeChar

o TypeOctet

o TypeShort

o TypeUShort

o TypeLong

o TypeULong

o TypeFloat

o TypeDouble

o TypeString

o TypeObject

o TypeSmallInt

o TypeInteger

o TypeReal

o TypeDoublePrecision

o TypeCharacter

o TypeDecimal

o TypeNumeric

o TypeDateTime

o TypeRaw

o TypeWString

o TypeBlob

o TypeClob

o TypeWclob

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