class CASL::ValueProxy

value, which point to other value


Inherited from Value:

Public Methods

ostatic Value* createBinary(const char* sz )
ostatic Value* createBinary(void* data, int len)
ostatic Value* createBool(bool b)
ostatic Value* createDouble(double b)
ostatic Value* createFromString(ValueType type, const char* sz)
ostatic Value* createInt(int b)
ostatic Value* createNamedValues(const char* sz)
ostatic Value* createNamedValues(NamedValues* nvp)
ostatic Value* createString(const std::string& v )
ostatic Value* createString(const char* sz )
ostatic Value* createString(const StringChunk& chunk)
ostatic Value* createUndefined()
ostatic Value* createWString(const std::wstring& v )
ostatic Value* createWString(const WStringChunk& v )
ostatic Value* createWString(const char* sz )
ovirtual BinaryBuffer getAsBinaryBuffer() const
ovirtual bool getAsBool() const
ovirtual double getAsDouble() const
ovirtual int getAsInt() const
ovirtual NamedValues* getAsNamedValues() const
ovirtual std::string getAsString() const
ovirtual StringChunk getAsStringChunk() const
ovirtual std::wstring getAsWString() const
ovirtual WStringChunk getAsWStringChunk() const
ovirtual BinaryBuffer getBinaryBuffer() const
ovirtual bool getBool() const
ovirtual double getDouble() const
ovirtual int getInt() const
ovirtual NamedValues* getNamedValues() const
ovirtual std::string getString() const
ovirtual StringChunk getStringChunk() const
ovirtual ValueType getType() const
ovirtual std::wstring getWString() const
ovirtual WStringChunk getWStringChunk() const
ovirtual void setAsBinaryBuffer(const BinaryBuffer& s)
ovirtual void setAsBool(bool v)
ovirtual void setAsDouble(double v)
ovirtual void setAsInt(int v)
ovirtual void setAsNamedValues(const NamedValues& s)
ovirtual void setAsString(const std::string& s)
ovirtual void setAsStringChunk(const StringChunk& s)
ovirtual void setAsWString(const std::wstring& s)
ovirtual void setAsWStringChunk(const WStringChunk& s)
ovirtual void setBinaryBuffer(const BinaryBuffer& s)
ovirtual void setBool(bool v)
ovirtual void setDouble(double v)
ovirtual void setInt(int v)
ovirtual void setNamedValues(const NamedValues& s)
ovirtual void setString(const std::string& s)
ovirtual void setStringChunk(const StringChunk& s)
ovirtual void setWString(const std::wstring& s)
ovirtual void setWStringChunk(const WStringChunk& s)


value, which point to other value

This class has no child classes.

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