class CASL::HTTPRequestContext

Information about Request Context in human-usable form

Public Methods

[more]const char* getClientHost() const
[more]const char* getClientName() const
[more]const char* getContextPath() const
[more]NamedValues& getCookies()
[more]const char* getHeader(const char* name)
[more]const char* getMethod() const
[more]NamedValues& getParameters()
[more]const char* getServerHost() const
[more]const int getServerPort() const
[more]void setParametersDef(const RequestParametersDef& paramDefs)


Information about Request Context in human-usable form
ovoid setParametersDef(const RequestParametersDef& paramDefs)

oNamedValues& getParameters()

oNamedValues& getCookies()

oconst char* getHeader(const char* name)

oconst char* getContextPath() const

oconst char* getMethod() const

oconst char* getClientHost() const

oconst char* getClientName() const

oconst char* getServerHost() const

oconst int getServerPort() const

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