namespace CASL

enum AuthBehaviour
AuthBehaviour: used for denotion of autoidentification behaviour of requests.
template<class CharType> class BufferChunk
BufferChunk is template for repesentation part of string in CharType encoding.
class CharConventer
conventor between various char types
class Encoding
represents encoding of texts.
struct Exception
Base class for CASL Exceptions
class HTTPInteraction
Abstract class for handling process of interaction with HTTP server
class HTTPOutputStream: private HTTPStreamBase, public std::ostream
ostream class, which we use for output to cbroker
class HTTPReplyContext
HTTP Reply Context in human-readable form
class HTTPRequestContext
Information about Request Context in human-usable form
class HTTPStreamBuf: public std::streambuf
[more]struct IllegalUtf16Sequence: public Exception
[more]struct IllegalUtf8Sequence: public Exception
class JLServlet: public Servlet
Java-like Web Servlet
class NamedValues
Set of named values (a-la dictionary);
parameters of HTTP Requests, Cookies, JSObjects: all this are stored as NamedValues
class RequestHandler
class RequestParameterDef
definition of request parameter
class RequestParametersDef
RequestParametersDef: definitions of parameters which processed by this request
class ServerContext
This is CASL core: all CASL services are live in ServerContext
class Service
Base class for extra CASL Services
class ServiceModule: public GradSoft::DynamicModule
How we must load it from Shared Library
class Servlet
class SessionContext: public Context
Session Context
class SessionContextProvider
abstract provider for session context
class SessionContextWrapper
safe wrapper arround SessionContext.
[more]typedef std::string SessionIdType
class SessionService: public CASL::Service
CASL API for sessions
typedef BufferChunk<char> StringChunk
Simple char container with random access iterator, which point to chunk in underlaying buffer
namespace Utils
Namespace for some helper functions, such as char conventer
class Value
Value is typeless varible: abstraction, which used in inter-language communications; We receive services commands or HTTP Form parameters as Values, EcmaScript Values are external and so on
class ValueProxy: public Value
value, which point to other value
enum ValueType
what we expect in request parameters
class WCharReader
Entity, which read WChar-s from some source
typedef BufferChunk<wchar> WStringChunk
the same as StringChunk for wchar
class WStringChunkWCharReader: public WCharReader
Reader from WStringChunk
class XMLDestination: public XMLParseListener
destination is listener with binded std::ostream
class XMLParseEvent
XMLParseEvents are generated by XML Source (i.
class XMLParseListener
This is interface for listening to XML Events
class XMLParseNotificator
Notificator notificate his listener about XML events
class XMLService: public Service
CASL API for processing XML documents
class XMLSource: public XMLParseNotificator
XMLSource is notificator with binded std::istream
class XMLTransformer: public XMLParseNotificator, public XMLParseListener
This class is do XML Transformation.
[more]template<class T>inline ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const BufferChunk<T>& chunk)


otemplate<class T>inline ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const BufferChunk<T>& chunk)

ostruct IllegalUtf8Sequence: public Exception

ostruct IllegalUtf16Sequence: public Exception

otypedef std::string SessionIdType

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